Car Exhausts

It’s vital to ensure that your car’s exhaust system is working efficiently to ensure that, among other things:

  1. no fumes are being released into the interior of your vehicle
  2. the engine is running quietly and smoothly
  3. you’re getting the maximum fuel efficiency from your vehicle

If you notice that there’s black smoke coming out of the exhaust, or that your car is much louder than before, that may be a sign that there’s a problem somewhere with your exhaust system. The exhaust system is made up of several parts and often if there is a fault, only one of these needs replacing, rather than the whole exhaust.

At Dave Coles Garage, we can repair or replace your exhaust at our garage in Gosport. Our mechanics will inspect your exhaust system and inform you what needs to be done, and how much it will cost before we carry out any work.

To find out more about our Car Exhausts in Gosport, get in touch online or call us directly on 023 9258 9000

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